Mr. Srinivas Vempati, the Founder and MD of Tunes 7dB Media private limited( is a simple, soft spoken man with a deep love for music. His childhoodpassion drove him to adopt audio/music as a career, which he fulfilled by pursuing an Audio Engineering course at SAE, Chennai.

Following the course, he threw himself into the music industry wholeheartedly. His first audio stint began at a local TV channel. This was followed by considerable work in the Telugu Film Industry and a challenging, career altering stint installing newly recognized Audio over IP for broadcasting at the beginning of the launch of  FM radio (BIG 92.7 FM). The knowledge, experience and expertise he acquired in Broadcasting, Audio and IT was tremendous and paved his way for further growth at another broadcasting network, Radio city 91.1 FM.

Thereafter, followed an offer to work for the UN peacekeeping missions as a broadcast engineer in the Information Support department,which lasted for well over 8 years. During this time, he acquired extensive experience in Audio & Broadcasting with innovative ideas in field missions and top level technology, training journalists on audio, planning, procurement, installation and maintenance of satellite communications and FM radio stations across the globe.

Mr. Srinivas has always believed in giving back to the society what he has acquired throughout his career; a dream that culminated in Tunes 7dB Media private limited ( Through the platform, he hopes to impart his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of Audio/Music professionals, giving them the space and freedom to create great music without compromise on quality.