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Acoustic setup for your office spaces, Auditoriums, Home Theatres or Music Studios.

Acoustic Needs

Music Needs You, Hyderabad


Acoustic Needs.

Acoustic Needs

MUSIC NEEDS YOU in collaboration with SPECTRAL ACOUSTICS brings you ‘ACOUSTIC NEEDS’,  a specialized service that helps you in designing and soundproofing your spaces for all kinds of sound/music needs, in addition to providing technical expertise and installations.

Spectral Acoustics, founded by Prasanth Kadiyala has considerable expertise in the field of Studio and Interior design, Acoustical Engineering, Mixing and Recording. Prasanth has designed many post production studios in broadcast and film across North and South India. His team has worked in designing acoustic spaces for offices, auditoriums, designing and erection of media labs for visual/electronic communication & mass media departments, cinema hall, classrooms and conference halls, including providing various other technical expertise to create the right kind of experience for cynosures of music.

By uniting with Spectral Acoustics, Music Needs You is looking to create a holistic vertical. We will contribute our extensive technical expertise, experienced inputs and ensure this acoustic service fits the right kind of space for a wonderful ambience.

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