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Learning audio engineering, recording, sound design & music production will give you that upper edge as an artist. You can register for our fullfledged 12-month course, 3-month certificate programs or monthly workshops to improve your skills & music production quality!

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Audio Engineering Certification (12 Months)

audio engineering course

About The Course

The Audio Engineering Certification program by MusicNeedsYou is an exclusive 12-month course designed to make you an expert in the field of audio engineering with practical hands-on experience.

Most audio engineering courses teach how to use recording software and some bit of mixing techniques. But this course takes into the fundamentals of sound and practical recording scenarios where you will also be learning about the best use of hardware in alignment with the software.

All our training faculty come from highly reputed & experienced backgrounds. Learn from the best!

Internship Opportunities

Making it successful in this industry requires both skill and connections. Due to our well-connected networks in the music industry, we provide an opportunity for all our students to work with reputed studios and assignments as an intern.

If your skills are good, then you have a chance to be absorbed by some of the best production houses in the country. You can get access to radio stations, movie studios, LIVE sound companies and more.

  • Fundamentals of Sound
  • Studio Recording Technology
  • Microphones & Speakers
  • Audio Electronics
  • LIVE Audio Mixing
  • Digital Audio Workstations: Pro Tools & Logic Pro
  • MIDI / Electronic Music Production
  • Mixing Techniques
  • In-depth Mastering
  • Audio for Video Production
  • Music Business & Marketing
  • Thesis Project & Internship
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Audio Engineering Online Crash Course (8 Weeks)


Audio Engineering Online Crash Course

Learn to mix & master your tracks in international standards? Join our 8-Week Certification Program.

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