10 Free Music Promotion Tips – Part III

Music Promotion doesn’t need bucket loads of money, when you know the tricks and have what it takes to do much of it yourself. Below are 10 smart and ‘free’ music promotion tips to get your music heard by as many people as possible.

  1. Know your niche market(s) or hire/befriend someone who does. To make it easy for you, use MNY – Launch.
  2. Always think of the fans first when making decisions.
  3. Start early.  Pre-promote. It allows time for viral buzz (aka free promotion) to build and ensures you’ll get you a larger share of a discretionary spending.
  4. Take the time and spend the money to get a great publicist.
  5. Produce great promotional material and send it out early and often.  Don’t wait until they need it.
  6. Email lists must be your new religion. Make sign up simple and easy to find. Put it visibly on the top half of the front page and watch it grow.
  7. Segment your email lists (genre, location) to fight email burnout.
  8. Talk to people and take informal polls. Have they seen your ads? Where?  Did they grab them and provide useful information? Survey your audience via email, on the web and at shows.
  9. Make your website a destination by keeping it updated and including news, giveaways, polls and things to make it worth visiting.
  10. Put your promo online in downloadable form for easy access by the media and your fans.
  11. Enable and encourage others to do your promo for you.  Ask fans to put up flyers and send out emails. Put a poster online as a free downloadable PDF for fans to use.

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