5 Criteria For Choosing the Right Music Recording Studio

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Music studios are coming up all over the country, and it can be difficult to choose the right one to record your music. Most often the choice is based on proximity of the place, cost and facilities involved.

With the rise of independent studios, there are more choices than ever when it comes to getting your music recorded. This gives the artist a lot of power, but narrowing down the list of options can also be an overwhelming process.

To make the choice clear and precise, here’s a checklist that covers the 5 main criteria that go into choosing the right studio.

1. Budget

Different studios offer different hours for recording music under different price ranges. Some key things to consider when defining your budget include,

  • Planning on booking a few more hours than you think you will need.
  • Making sure you’re considering the other costs that go into recording. Are you going to need to hire session musicians? Are you going to need an in-house engineer? Are you hoping to rent studio instruments/amps? Ensure that all of these are factored into your budget, as you’ll often need more than just a nice-sounding room.

2. Sound Samples

Once you’ve decided on the budget, find out the kind of sound quality and whether that studio can produce those sounds.

Listen to recordings of your favorite groups, and try to hone in on what you like about the recording itself. Then compare that with the studios you are considering. Try and get a recording of sound samples from that studio and see whether it matches your requirements.

3. Location

As much as studios are available in different cities, certain facilities and equipment are only present in a few. Find out whether the studio you are narrowing down in a city, has everything you will need to record your music.

4. Equipment and Facilities

Once you’ve decided on the budget, narrowed down the location and understood what sounds you want to produce, next are the facilities and equipment that is needed. Most studios have basic equipment that they provide, or a set of instruments that can be rented for a fee. Ensure you know what it is you want.

Are you going to need a piano? How about a pro-quality, well-tuned drum set? Or vintage guitars/amplifiers? Not all studios will have this kind of gear, so make sure you look into it on the studio website, or ask them directly via email or phone.

5. Reputation 

Prominent music studios across the world have a history to them and have a signature sound, but most often aren’t available to independent musicians. If your budget affords it, then try this option first. If not, then there are plenty of new-age music studios that can be used for music recording based on their specific sounds.

Choosing a music studio can be daunting, but once done, can take care of a major part of the music recording process. UNLIMIT STUDIOS, is equipped with the latest equipment and facilities for varied kinds of musical sounds. Find out more details here.

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