5 Ways Musicians Can Market Their Music Online

Having the sense of music, composing and creating it from scratch, setting it to tune, conveying that to an audience is a very complex process. While there are some exceptional musicians who are never able to promote their music, there are others who have less talent but work on promoting it to get it to the right people.

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There is a very fine line between marketing your music subtly and cleverly, or forcing people to listen to your music or be there at your next gig. Whatever your approach is, here are 5 great ways musicians can showcase their music to the right audience.

1. Create your own blog/website

A personal diary online provides an inside look at your life and is really an extension to your personal brand. Its the one place where you control all of the content and have the deciding voice on what is and isn’t shared. You can start a basic one with WordPress or reach out to us at Music Needs You to create a personalized website for you. Your name is in fact your brand so when your name is searched, it should represent you. Don’t cut corners and put together a cheap website either. Use your site to discuss upcoming concerts, talk about your personal life,  the inspiration behind your music but most importantly be yourself.

2. Create Social Media Pages

Create a Facebook fan page. It gives you a professional edge, strengthens your personal brand and also adds another layer of interaction with your fans. When you use twitter, use it to meet people in the industry and ultimately develop strong relationships. If you play your cards right you could end up with anything from; collaboration opportunities to being noticed by a record label.

3. Create mixtapes

Mixtapes have single handedly created some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry. As more and more people begin to embrace that concept that music should be free; it will be harder to sell. For that reason, it only makes sense for you to build your fan base by showing not only your passion about the music but also your appreciation for your fans. Every musician has a few unreleased tracks in the basement. Take these tracks, combine them with something new and give it away for free.

4. Send music tracks to renowned music sites and blogs

Send one track and let them take a listen and give you feedback. If the track is enjoyable they might even feature the song on their website which results in more publicity for your music. By being active and a regular commenter on the blog you will develop a relationship with the blogger which will make it easier to get your work shared. However, don’t be too pushy or even get offended if they don’t agree to share your song on their blog. Just take it as a challenge to step it up a notch in the industry and ultimately give them something they cant refuse.

5. Use your ingenuity

As you begin to build your reputation and become more and more of a local celebrity. You will sooner or later have to start selling something to put food on the table. The web has given musicians an opportunity to think outside of the box and really get clever.

Music marketing is a great way to sell your music, considering the amount of competition there is today. If you wish to make yourself stand out and ensure your music reaches a bigger audience, reach out to us at Music Needs You – LAUNCH, as we will do it for you.

Excerpts from this article have been referenced from http://rosssimmonds.com

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