Music Needs You is a large, all-encompassing, dynamic platform that provides a one-stop solution for all kinds of musical needs.

Developed by a bunch of passionate & highly experienced musicians and media professionals with a vision to disrupt the industry and bring the power back to the “artist”. Our various initiatives support the independent musician and bands to get more opportunities to grow their career.

Our vision is to revolutionize the music industry thru world-class support services to the community, which in turn will help them grow their careers in a more positive & reliable way.

vempati srinivas

Vempati Srinivas

Mr. Srinivas Vempati, the founder and MD of Music Needs You, threw himself into the music industry wholeheartedly.His childhood passion drove him to adopt music as a career, which he fulfilled by pursuing an Audio Engineering course at SAE, Chennai.

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Venu Vishwanala

Venumadhav Vishwanala

Mr. Venumadhav, Co-Founder Director of Music Needs You, is a software professional whose passion for music runs deep. He is greatly inspired by musicians of the previous era and considers A.R.Rahman a huge inspiration for this dedication, commitment and hard work.

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