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Social Media Resources For Musicians – At this point in time our society at large must have the “news” the instant it happens. With the evolution of social media this instant gratification is not only possible but prevalent. There are several forums available to the consumer at large the choice is all based on your wants, needs and who you are trying to reach.

You may be looking to use a particular type of medium to get your story across or perhaps you’d rather not be limited to 140 characters to say what you have to say. The social media phenomenon has had a profound effect on how businesses run. This change is most noticeable in the music industry where the record label role has drastically changed. They are no longer the middle man between the artists and their fans because the creation of music related social media sites enabled them to communicate directly.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace bring people together, where sites like Spotify, LastFM and 8 tracks allow you to listen to your favorite band or artist free of charge.

Blog sites are considered to be another form of social media because they offer perspective on what others might be thinking about the topics you are interested in. Technology and social media have also altered they way in which music is created. You can now connect with others online and upload your tracks to a website where other artists can pair them with theirs and “tada” a song is made. Marketing is another area of focus in music social media which is why sites like Reverbnation, Fanbridge and Ourwave are popular.

If you think you have seen it all when it comes to social media, think again there are new and better forums on the horizon!

Connect With People

MySpace– Artists and or bands can link up with people in the industry or with people who love their music. This particular format allows the artist/band to post photos, upload their songs and keep all who are interested informed about upcoming shows.

Facebook– Whether you are a business, band or person Facebook has the formula to get you noticed. Fans can “like” their favorite band or artist which facilitates communication between the two whether it’s through messages or wall posts.

Twitter– You have 140 characters to tell the world what you’re about, what is on your mind or where your next show is going to be

Tumblr– Express yourself using your words, a picture, a video or your favorite quote

Twitmusic– An extension of Twitter specifically geared towards musical acts– discovering new music and bring people together who share an appreciation for this music

Connect To Music

Spotify– Personalize your page, create playlists, and decide whether you want to listen to the playlist you have created or choose from the playlists your friends have created– Expand your listening horizons when it comes to music, will introduce you to an artist and recommend another 5+ artists in the same group that you might enjoy, review the artist or band via post or chat

MOG– Listen to music, organize your music and discuss how you feel about this music with other fans

8tracks– 8 tracks dares you to tell us what kind of mood you’re in using only 8 tracks.

Connect Using Other Mediums

YouTube– Share videos

SoundCloud– Share sounds

Instagram– Share pictures

Find Your Market

Reverbnation– A place where artists can communicate with other artists, talk with people in the industry and further their career using the tools provided.

OurStage– Share and promote music while networking with fans, other bands and people in the industry

OurWave– Each band and or artist gets their 15 minutes of fame with OurWave, they are able to use this site as a promotion tool by posting their music and announce upcoming shows

Fanbridge– Mailing list that connects bands with their fans and even offers them deals for being members

Artists.MTV– Want to know more about a specific artist? MTV has a database full of information, videos and pictures just waiting for you to view

Eventful– If you have an event, post it here and people will find you

Create Music

Kompoz– Team up with other musicians both on and offline

Dopetracks– Hip-Hop/Rap based forum where atrists can join forces musically

Write About It

Hypebot– Instant music “news” at your fingertips

SoSoActive– What’s hot in the digital age is what SoSo is all about– All your music blogs in one convenient location

A New Band A Day– The title says it all

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